HR Vision Amsterdam

  • Tuesday May 18 2021
As we edge towards 2021, new trends in technology are continuing to allow us to work differently. We are hurtling through an exciting and innovative period of transition for organizations worldwide. Whether you are on the onset of embracing these changes and advancements, or already well on your way to upgrading the work experience for your people, it is inevitable that businesses will need to integrate these workplace trends into their daily operations.

HR Vision Amsterdam is back for its 6th year HR technology conference to advance your thinking and practices at the center of this explosion in workplace technology, coupled with the wider transformation of work. HR Vision Amsterdam will share ideas and provide answers on how to create a future workplace that empowers people and places them at the heart of it, whilst harmoniously adopting modern technologies to build a better, more effective workplace. Allow your people to do the things that humans excel at; collaboration, creativity, problem-solving and realize the possibilities that technology can help to bring.

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  • Tuesday May 18 2021
  • 09:00

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