Mini-Masterclass met Aaltje Vincent

Aaltje Vincent is gecertificeerd loopbaanprofessional, trainer, spreker en bestsellerauteur. Ze is de grondlegger van de Jobmarketing-methode (2007), van Solliciteren via LinkedIn (2009) en van Candidate Experience 3.0 (2018).

Tijdens de Masterclass gaat ze in op actuele thema’s rondom solliciteren.


Meer informatie en inschrijven:

Deelname is gratis.

Recruitment Tech Event 2021

Ontdek hoe technologie jouw recruitment kan optimaliseren tijdens het Recruitment Tech Event 2021. Hét toonaangevende event over de recruitmenttechnologie van morgen. Met inspirerende keynotes, recruitment tech cases, de laatste trends en de uitreiking van de Recruitment Tech Awards 2021.

Impeccable Leadership

Een van de 4 (besloten) bijeenkomsten van het Recruiters Leaders Network in 2021.

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The Future of Talent Acquisition 2021

This virtual event will examine all matters related to talent acquisition, with a special focus on what is likely to occur in the near future. It will include a look at the current state of talent acquisition, beginning with data gleaned from today’s recruitment experts. How successful are organizations at acquiring great talent today? How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected talent acquisition? What are the key components and most common processes?

In short, this event will provide a detailed snapshot of where talent acquisition is headed over the next two years and how today’s experts can stay on the cutting edge.

Talent Overname Week

You’ve spent most of 2020 adapting to our new reality and rewriting your talent acquisition playbook. TA Week offers time for the TA community to come together and share best practices in pivoting and how we can move forward in 2021.

Talent Acquisition Week brings sourcing, recruiting, and employer branding strategies together to provide you with the most comprehensive learning experience. Join us for this unique virtual experience to power your talent acquisition strategy.

Talent Acquisition Week brings sourcing, recruiting, and employer branding strategies together to provide you with the most comprehensive learning experience. As a combination of the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference, Employer Branding Strategies Conference, and Talent Sourcing Strategies Summit we will be delivering 5 days of education and networking on our Virtual Event Platform!

HR Vision Amsterdam

As we edge towards 2021, new trends in technology are continuing to allow us to work differently. We are hurtling through an exciting and innovative period of transition for organizations worldwide. Whether you are on the onset of embracing these changes and advancements, or already well on your way to upgrading the work experience for your people, it is inevitable that businesses will need to integrate these workplace trends into their daily operations.

HR Vision Amsterdam is back for its 6th year HR technology conference to advance your thinking and practices at the center of this explosion in workplace technology, coupled with the wider transformation of work. HR Vision Amsterdam will share ideas and provide answers on how to create a future workplace that empowers people and places them at the heart of it, whilst harmoniously adopting modern technologies to build a better, more effective workplace. Allow your people to do the things that humans excel at; collaboration, creativity, problem-solving and realize the possibilities that technology can help to bring.

Hacking HR’s 2021 Global Online Conference

HR Innovation and Future of Work. The main theme of our 2021 conference is:


We will share with you insights, data, stories, experiences, ideas, knowledge and information. We will provide you with opportunities to learn from the most important global thought leaders. We will build enough bridges for you to collaborate with people from all over the world. All to help you UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL.

This is THE MOST important and impactful HR event in the world! JOIN US!

HR Hackathon Online

The HR Hackathon is the 2-days event where HR Professionals, Developers, Tech Entrepreneurs and HR Tech Vendors work together to improve and build meaningful HR Tech. In the HR Hackathon, HR practitioners will experience what it is like to work in a fast-paced, agile work environment.

At the same time, HR Tech is going global: HR Tech Vendors and Startups need to understand current HR pain points in order to develop the best solution. Finally, the HR Hackathon is the place where people make things happen while they interact and work with each other at eye-level. Most of all, our HR Hackathon is a unique, professional event, where people share their knowledge and passion for HR and Tech and shape the future of HR Tech in close collaboration.

Recruitment Tech Event 2020

Find out how technology can optimise your recruitment at the leading event on tomorrow’s recruitment technology. Thursday 19 November 2020, the 6th of the Recruitment Tech Event will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This year for the second time also with an English program.